Frequently Asked Questions 

How big is the machine? Will it fit through our gateway?
This spitroast machine is made of stainless steel,portable and has been designed to fit through a standard size gate/door 28" at the narrowest. However steep stairs and tight corners may prove difficult for access.

What space do you need?
We need a flat area of 3m x 3m square for us to set up on and erect or cover, which goes over the entire carvery come rain or shine. A clear path through to setup would be helpful. Other than that we are self contained, our roaster is driven by battery power, therefore no need for mains electricity or a generator.

Do you have insurances?
Yes we have public liability insurance and other insurances allowing us to operate.
Copies are available on request.

Are you registered?
Yes, we are registered with the local enviromental health authorities and have HACCP procedures in place.
Again certificates are available on request.
See our rating on the Food Standards Agency, while your their, see if other suppliers you are looking at are listed!

Is the spit roaster safe?

The machine carries the CE mark that complies with A1 of the Eurpoean Gas Appliance Directive, so you can be assured it has been thoroughly safety checked. We also hold a gas safety check certificate which is renewed annually.

Do you  cook the carcass beforehand?
No, - everything is cooked fresh on-site, so we meet the Food Hygiene requirements and can monitor cooking temperatures.

How long does it take to cook?
Cooking times can vary. But the rule of thumb and what we recommend is a minimum 1 hour per 10kg carcass weight, plus 1 hour.